48V Forklift Battery
96VLow speed car battery
Various models of forklift batteries can be customized
Field vehicles and low-speed vehicle power batteries can be customized for production
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Automotive power batteries and field car batteries are one of our R&D areas.
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Application Cases
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Provide professional battery solution design for customers, produce safe and reliable lithium battery products, help users improve efficiency, reduce costs, effectively plan, and achieve more benefits in other dimensions.
This is a low-speed car power battery that effectively improves space utilization, has a high energy density, and provides strong power output
144V280AH battery
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Battery design of vehicles in scenic spots, industrial parks, business centers and other sites.......
352V200AH Field Vehicle Battery
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Standard module design to provide stable and reliable power output for automobiles, 10 years of safety and quality assurance to solve customer anxiety.
Automotive Power Battery
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